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About Us

Let’s talk about food

Offering quality food forms the core of our business. That means knowing who our suppliers are, and supporting local cooperation, which is key for ensuring fairness and sustainability. Farmers and producers form an essential part of the food chain – for this reason we must support them so that they too can create a decent livelihood for themselves, in such a way that keeps our footprint on the environment as low as possible.

Footnote’s menu

We offer delicious breakfast dishes that are just about the best way to start your day. Coming in a bit later? Our Brunch menu is just the thing for you! You can have some good coffee or fresh juice to boost your energy, or simply chill with some beer or a glass of wine in the early evenings. For your sweet tooth we offer in-house baked goodies where you can also find vegan options. Yep, we’ve got it all…

We take this extra step because we know that with love and honest products, everything just tastes better. 


We encourage our customers to slow down, relax, and feel at home when they come to Footnote. Whether with friends, family, dates, pets, or alone – we offer a cozy and fresh atmosphere, surrounded with soothing plants and friendly vibes. Occasionally we have live music or a DJ playing on Fridays and Saturdays. Keep your eyes peeled to see what we have planned for you. Reservations are encouraged.

Food waste

Globally, one third of produced food is thrown away annually. That amounts to an incredible 1.3 billion tons each year! Such waste brings environmental, financial, economic and social problems that we do not want to contribute to. We chose to work with partners and suppliers who share our values.   Food waste in landfills has terrible effects on the environment and climate. That’s why we make sure that all our bio-waste is properly recycled, to be used for compost or biogas.

Our drinks


We offer an exclusive selection of wines from small family wineries and sustainable sources. By curating wines from smaller vineyards, we have a closer connection to how the wines are produced and bring unique tastes to the table.

Our wine suppliers are Tutto Wines and Ellis Wines.


Our fresh juices are a combination of vitamins, made to boost your energy and high-five your immune system.


We source our coffee from Assembly, a London-based coffee roasting company, which cooperates directly with the farmers and knows exactly where and how the coffee beans are produced. Our milk comes from Estate Dairy, a local farm where cows roam freely and produce rich, high protein milk. We also offer oat milk and almond milk options from sustainable sources.


We source our blends from Postcard Teas. They provide quality tea from small producers of less than 15 acres. Small-scale farms are better for people, places, and the planet. And that’s something we want to support.